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The web is being reorganized, and events and announcements will generally not be posted on this page. See the latest newsletter or email announcements for current events and programs. BUT… please go also to SCYM to see what's happening in the Yearly Meeting.


Newsletter Schedule – Please Note New Email Address For Newsletter Submissions


As a reminder, the newsletter will (usually) be published just prior to first Sunday of each month.  In order to meet this deadline, please submit items for publication no later than end of day Wednesday prior to first Sunday.  Items should be submitted to the newsletter editor in final form so editing and proofreading are not required.  Due to time constraints, items requiring major editing and proofreading might not be included in the newsletter.  If you need assistance with editing please notify the editor and submit your item well before the deadline.



Send newsletter items to Bob Walton at dallasfriendsannouncement@gmail.com.


Recycle your cell phones, printer and toner cartridges, DVD discs, VCR tape cartridges, printers and computers (but not TVs).  Place them in the bin on the back porch of the Meeting House and Ellen Stamelos will take them to a recycling center 3-4 times a year.


Check this site regularly  http://www.dallasquakers.org/meeting  for updates and information.  Put the link in your Browser Favorites or Bookmarks.



Current - November - December 2013

There was no newsletter in the following months: 2011: February, April and May, August. 2012: June through October, December


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We are pleased to offer donations online through PayPal. We ask that you report any problems or concerns to Web Support

We are also pleased to say that we can now have monthly recurring donations for those who have PayPal accounts, and those without a PayPal account can choose to donate by credit card or bank card.



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Peace and Social Justice

Peace & Justice Forum This link contains some reports from past discussions and presentations.