Dallas Friends Meeting Activities and Schedule


A note on Quaker day-naming, which is not used on this public page:

Historical Friends did not use commonly recognized names for the days of the week or the months of the year.  What we would call "Sunday" was called "First Day," what we would call January would be called "First Month."  For the sake of clarity, our public page uses conventional naming.  For more information on this subject, see Of days and dates: The Quest for Simplicity.

Our community activities take place after worship on Sunday and are generally determined by which Sunday in the month it is.

First Sunday

Eating Meeting.  A friendly potluck after worship.  All visitors are invited to join.  Since our worship is conducted in silence, this is a good time to ask questions and get acquainted.


Second Sunday

Meeting for Worship Through Singing. We may sing hymns, let our very fine musician-members lead us in what they think feels best for the day, or have an intergenerational celebration of song and story.  Occasionally we put something else in the place of singing depending on what the meeting needs to address.  Following this link for more information:  Quakers and Music.


Third Sunday

Meeting for Worship for Business.  See Quakers and Meeting Business for more information.


Fourth Sunday

Typically a meeting for education on Quaker matters or peace and social justice issues.  A speaker may be invited or a member or attender may make a presentation.


Fifth Sunday

The activities for Fifth Sunday are somewhat seasonal. In the summer there may be a picnic; after yearly meeting at Easter there may be a report.  Sometimes Friends who are inclined to travel will join the Fort Worth Friends or visit Friends in Denton, which does not have a regular meeting.  Sometimes Friends simply go out for lunch together.


Our Children

We are a small group, meeting in a small space, and do not have a robust program for children.  Even so, we attempt to have sessions for children during meeting for worship and have a small space we try to make suitable to the needs of our regular attenders.  The children are brought into meeting near the end of the worship period and there may be a scramble for seats and more noise than before they arrived.  One of our children asked, some while back, why the people who were worshipping looked at the children when they came in rather than keeping their heads bowed.  Our response is that watching them come in gives us the greatest joy and their presence is a gift of the spirit.  We are then free to reflect quietly on that particular blessing.  Occasionally during the announcement period (which follows introductions at the end of meeting) the children will present something from their lesson for the day.